Get quality service for boiler repairs, maintenance and installation.
Boilers are a common way to heat the home. There are many different types of residential and commercial boilers available, including water, wood, steam, oil, and hydronic. Whatever type of boiler your home or business has, Allentown Plumbing can service it. We perform a variety of different services, including boiler repairs, maintenance, and installation.

Boiler Repairs
Like other equipment, boilers can have problems, especially if they are an older model. Our professionals at Allentown Plumbing can service any type of boiler, whether it is in a residential or commercial setting. If you are experiencing a problem with your boiler, contact us to get quick service.

Boiler Installation
Here at Allentown Plumbing, we also install new boilers. This can replace an older model for both energy savings and better overall performance. We can also install a boiler in a new building. Our boiler experts can help you decide which type of boiler will be best to suit your needs.

Boiler Maintenance
A boiler will last longer with the right maintenance. It will have fewer problems and require fewer repairs. Allentown Plumbing provides boiler maintenance service in order to keep your boiler in working condition. We can also help you understand how often you should get boiler maintenance performed.