Jet Cleaning

Let us take care of that nasty clogged drain!
Over time, drains can become very clogged with a variety of different types of debris. Some of this debris can be difficult to remove by yourself, such as tree roots, mineral build-up, and food residue. This type of drain build-up can cause your water to drain slowly or simply not go down at all. Our jet cleaning professionals can get your plumbing system working like new again!

Long Lasting Clean
Other methods of cleaning a clogged pipe can be successful, but they may only work for a short period of time. Jet cleaning will completely clean a pipe of residues, and this clean will be very long lasting. If you are experiencing problems with a particular drain over and over again, consider calling Allentown Plumbing for an estimate for a jet clean.

Complete Debris Removal
Chemicals and a plumber’s snake can help your drain work again, but they may not get rid of all the residue that has built up in a pipe. The water in the sink could still drain out slowly, and it may clog more often. Jet cleaning is the most effective way to remove debris in a pipe. It uses water pressure to break through any clogs in the pipe and push debris out. This will allow the pipe to drain normally again. You will notice the difference!