Rooter Service

Protect your pipes with professional rooter service.
Because many pipes and plumbing systems are underground, they can be affected by the roots of plants and trees. These roots could damage the pipes and keep them from functioning normally. The roots could cause clogging issues, or they could lead to drainage problems. In order to avoid problems with roots and overgrowth, get affordable rooter service from Allentown Plumbing.

Root Clogs
Once a root has broken through a pipe, it will continue to form more growths. This will create an overgrowth of vegetation in the pipe, causing drainage to cease functioning as intended. Debris and waste that goes down the drain will get caught in the roots and can cause a serious blockage. Our rooter service professionals at Allentown Plumbing know how to remove these roots from the area and replace the pipe so that drainage can continue normally and safely.

Collapsed Pipes
If the roots have infiltrated the pipes and have been allowed to grow for too long, your pipes are at risk for collapse. If your pipes have collapsed or if they are weakened, it is important to get professional rooter service to repair the damage and get your plumbing system up and running again. Allentown Plumbing can replace your collapsed pipes and discuss your options with you to avoid collapse in the future.
Roots can be very damaging to any home or business plumbing setup. Rooter service Allentown – if you have roots from trees or shrubs growing into your pipes and plumbing system, don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Our fast and friendly professionals will be happy to help you restore your plumbing to working order!