Water Sewer Line

Whether it is broken water lines or damaged sewer pipes that you need repaired or replaced, we can help!
Water lines and sewer lines can become damaged over time, causing different plumbing problems at the home or business. Whether the lines need to be repaired or entirely replaced, our professionals can help restore your system to perfect working order.

Frozen Pipes
Cold weather conditions can cause pipes to freeze over and become damaged. They could break and collapse, leading to problems with the plumbing system. The professionals at Allentown Plumbing can help you with not only water and sewer line repairs, but learning how to protect your pipes from cold weather damage in the future.

Corroded Pipes
Over time, pipes may become corroded or rusted. These lines may need to be completely replaced in order to function correctly again. A water and sewer line replacement will ensure any damaged parts will be taken care of. Our plumbing professionals can assess the damage done to the lines and will help you decide what needs to be done to bring your system back up to par.

Leaky Pipes
Leaky pipes are a common problem, and we can fix them quickly and efficiently here at Allentown Plumbing. We will assess the severity of the leak and decide if line repairs or replacements are necessary. Our experts will help you fix your lines as quickly as possible at affordable prices.