Water Softeners

Protect your pipes with a water softener.
Hard water doesn’t just taste bad. It can also cause problems with your plumbing. Water softeners are a great way to help protect your pipes from hard water damage. Here at Allentown Plumbing, we offer several different types of water softeners to remove minerals and metals.

Problems Caused By Hard Water
Hard water can cause a lot of plumbing problems. One common issue caused by hard water is build-up of minerals in the pipes. This can cause slow draining and clogging. This build-up can also cause corrosion in the pipes, leading to serious damage. Another problem caused by hard water is the reaction it can have with soap. Hard water can reduce soap’s ability to lather, and it can cause soap to become sticky and less effective. This can cause issues in the kitchen, the shower, or the bathroom sink.

The Benefits of Water Softeners
While there are different ways to remove minerals from water, using water softeners remains a popular choice. It is incredibly effective and also very affordable. With proper maintenance, water softeners can last a long time. Many water softeners are also simple to install and remove, and at Allentown Plumbing, we have experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of setting up this plumbing equipment.